Head of Data, Bower

Bower is a bold and visionary, yet down-to-earth and heart-centered, tech company
based in Stockholm.

Bower is aiming to become the first impact tech unicorn in Sweden, helping +1B
consumers make sustainable choices by rewarding them for doing the right thing.
In partnership with companies such as Nestlé, L’Oréal and Unilever the Bower app
allows users to scan everything with a barcode; from milk cartons to crisp packages
and get money, coupons or discounts when taking the packaging to a recycling
point. In return, the companies get invaluable insights about their consumers.
The app is one of the most popular apps in Sweden today. Bowers’ 300,000 users in
the Nordic region recycle more than 1.4 million packages every month, and the
platform has so far contributed to saving over 1,000 tonnes (1 million kg) of CO2.
The UK and US are this year’s upcoming target markets, and this expansion will be
an important step on the way to achieving the company’s goal of a world free from
The team is growing at a rapid rate, and as part of the original team you will be a
driving force to accelerate the growth even further. If you want a workplace where
you’ll be free to be yourself, laugh without limits, and be part of a team where the
members care about each other – while doing good for the planet?

Then Bower is the place for you

About the role

We are now looking for the Head of Data who will unearth the treasure trove of data
buried in the depth of databases and analytics systems and use these insights to
catapult Bowers impact tech unicorn to the moon!

• You will set the architecture for the company data stack and be responsible for the
quality of insights drawn as well as the cost of providing those insights.
• You will work towards the company having a single source of truth for businessrelated data, both by building integrations with other systems and requesting data
collection from other engineering teams.
• You will support the leadership team with insights and white-glove analyses for
strategic initiatives.
• You will be a key part in new product development – both by helping to understand
our current customers and users, and by developing data-based products for new
• You will build a team of generalists and specialists, and impact both every-day
working processes and long-term personal and team development initiatives.
• You will set success metrics for the data organization and create compelling stories
about why changing them matters!


We are looking for an engaged and results-driven engineer who is senior enough
to run with minimum guidance from the founders, is handson and pragmatic as
well as a strong communicator with a strategic mindset.

Skills, traits and competencies

• Master’s in Software Engineering, Computer Science or any other related fields,
or equivalent experience
• 3+ years working as an individual contributor in a data engineer role in a startup
or scaleup environment
• SaaS experience and experience in the company’s sector is strongly meriting
• Strong execution capabilities with a willingness to solve problems with a
modicum of process
• Strong communication skills, with ability to gain trust from engineers and senior
executives alike




For more information about the role please reach out to:

Anna Sundström 0709 – 40 88 30 anna.sundstrom@nextposition.se

Victor Parman 0709 – 72 88 41 victor.parman@nextposition.se

If interested, please send us your resume and let’s talk about how you can
make a positive difference at Bower and in the world!

Next Position, integritetspolicy

På Next Position värnar vi om din personliga integritet och eftersträvar alltid en hög nivå av dataskydd. Individens personliga integritet och säkerheten för dennes personuppgifter är viktig för Next Position som ansvarar för att se till att alla personuppgifter behandlas på ett korrekt sätt och i enlighet med dataskyddsförordningen (GDPR). Denna integritetspolicy ("Integritetspolicyn") är en samtyckeshandling och beskriver Next Positions behandling av personuppgifter. Vi ber dig därför att noggrant läsa igenom integritetspolicyn innan du delar dina personuppgifter till/med oss.

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