Infrastructure teams for interim assignment

Next Position are now looking for vendors for one of the world’s leading independent, end-to-end IT services companies. Together with our client we are now searching for teams to support our client in one of their major assignments in Sweden.

The teams consists of five 5-7 members working as;

  1. 1 Scrum Master
  2. 1 Solution Architect)
  3. 1(Virtual Client/ Citrix)
  4. 2 PCI (Physical Client/ Citrix)
  5. 1 NW (Network LAN/WAN/RAS/FW- Varies with Backlog)
  6. 1 Scripting and Automation

In this assignment, our client is primarily serving a provider of leading defense and civil security products and services, doing business in 32 countries stretching from the Nordics to the southern tip of Africa, and from the United States to Australia.

More than 14,000 employees access the company’s networks from the office and out in the field. Network security a key priority for the company. For more than 13 years, the manufacturer has relied on our client for mainframe, midrange and network support, as well as application and desktop management.

At their sites in Stockholm, Linköping, Malmö, Jönköping and Karlskrona, the work done is mainly divided into supporting and maintaining the already settled IT services, as we deliver project resources when implementing or changing new locations or technology. In each city we are now assisting ur client in seting up a support organisation, problem solving as well as development of numerous IT infrastructure techniques.

The work of engineer we are looking for is typically having a large portion of project related work, and some part as well being a master support person when the ordinary support team need a specialist.

The job will offer you a huge posibility to further develop your IT skills, since you are surounded by the other teams/member having cutting edge skills – imagine to be part of an agile team designing a new kind of functionality based upon components from Microsoft, Citrix etc. and having a very committed team with a challenging target, and the success of deliver a state of the art IT solution. Using the global strength of the other larget IT vendors (Microsoft, Citrix etc) to achieve the project objectives.


For more detailed job descriptions for each role, please send an email to Anna Sundström at anna.sundstrom@nextposition.se.

Next Position, integritetspolicy

På Next Position värnar vi om din personliga integritet och eftersträvar alltid en hög nivå av dataskydd. Individens personliga integritet och säkerheten för dennes personuppgifter är viktig för Next Position som ansvarar för att se till att alla personuppgifter behandlas på ett korrekt sätt och i enlighet med dataskyddsförordningen (GDPR). Denna integritetspolicy ("Integritetspolicyn") är en samtyckeshandling och beskriver Next Positions behandling av personuppgifter. Vi ber dig därför att noggrant läsa igenom integritetspolicyn innan du delar dina personuppgifter till/med oss.

När du skickar din ansökan för denna rollen ger du oss ett begränsat samtycke vilket medför att uppgifterna du lämnar i denna ansökan då endast används för att matcha dig mot aktuell tjänsten enligt följande villkor. Efter slutförd rekryteringsprocess kommer dina uppgifter att raderas alternativt ges du möjlighet att ge fullständigt samtycke vilket medför att uppgifterna du lämnar i denna ansökan används för att matcha dig mot detta och andra uppdrag enligt följande villkor.